Saturday, June 9, 2012

Winner!! Updates!!

Mady picked the winning name today! McCall…. YOU WON!

tshirt winnerThanks to everyone for entering my first little giveaway. It was fun! And thank you for sharing the word about our tshirts! I have some new steps in the adoption journey to share soon, but not just yet….. so stay tuned.

In other adoption news, Joey has his biometric fingerprints scheduled for next Friday. We had to reschedule our first visit and when they sent new appointments, we didn’t get the same day! But I’m going to go with him and hopefully they will let me do my fingerprints the same day! Which will keep us from making another trip in a few weeks!

We also got our passports in the mail a few weeks ago, so I feel like we are still making progress! Thanks for keeping up with us and continue praying for us! Oh and we’re still trying to sell our house, so add that to your prayer lists too!

Have a great Saturday, and if you haven’t already….check out our new adoption tshirt! Grab one for yourself for a donation of $20 toward our adoption. We greatly appreciate it!!!



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