Thursday, February 23, 2012

Revival, HomeStudy, Kiddos

Revival at FBC started Sunday and it has been wonderful. A team from Life Action Ministries has been leading the revival and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Even though my kids are TIRED and GRUMPY at the end of each night, we are committed to being there. Last night was pretty rough for our two little ones. After baths, they were finally both in the bed around 9:30, which is way past their bedtimes. And they were BOTH crying at the top of their lungs! But like Bro. Eric said last night, the greater the sacrifice, the greater the blessing! Revival continues for another week and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for everyone.

On an adoption note, our next home study visit is next Thursday at 4. I’m not sure what all this visit will entail, but I’m eager to get our home study wrapped up! Paperwork seems to be a slow process with us around here but it’s coming together. I told Joey last night, I feel like it will be FOREVER until we bring our baby home. I know it will all happen in God’s perfect timing, but I struggle with wondering- Has our baby been born yet? Where is he/she? Who is taking care of them? Are they loving them enough? And to be honest, my heart ACHES for them. I want to bring them home right now. But I know it is a process and I have to put it all in God’s hands. We are praying for our little baby each day. We can’t wait to add him/her to our family. To give them a home with a family that loves them. For there to be ONE less orphan in the  world. So, until that day, I know I will be learning A LOT of patience!

So, our two little kiddos in the Carpenter household are growing up. Makes me sad! Mady will be turning 4 next Friday! I can’t believe it. Joe Hudson is 15 months and just changing everyday. Mady really loves princess stuff these days (which is totally opposite from her mother!). She loves playing babies and dressing up. She loves her trampoline and her barbie jeep. We are so ready for spring weather to play outside more! Joe Hudson is saying a few words- momma, daddy, dog (for everything!), hot, deer (but really its “dee”), Nady for Mady, and he is trying to imitate animal sounds which is hilarious. He is such a little boy- He LOVES to throw a ball. He loves to be outside and thinks mud and dirt are great. I love my babies. I am so thankful for them and their health each day. I can’t wait for there to be one more little set of feet running around here!

P.S.- I got a shipment of Ugandan necklaces in today. I ordered a few extra (because they go very fast from the 147millionorphans website!) so if youre interested let me know!


139                             138

My little football player                                                Sweet Snow White

I know these are from Halloween, but I’m really bad about uploading pictures! I will try to do that soon. Until then, how could these two little faces not make you smile?!

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