Monday, May 21, 2012

A fun weekend

Saturday morning we left for Murfreesboro, TN to see my cousin graduate from high school. Joey, myself, M, JH, and my mom in one car! After the long and interesting ride there (an 18 month old and 4 year old always make car rides interesting!), we visited my aunt and uncle and cousins Laura Grace and Caroline. We then checked into the hotel and did some shopping!

Graduation with two little ones was also interesting and did not last long. Joey and JH ended up outside after about 30 minutes. Mady and I were not far behind them! We then ate some good food at my Aunt Harriet’s house topped off by some great cookies. We congratulated Laura Grace and headed to the hotel.

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(It was so funny because Mady was so attached to Harriett every time she saw her! She would not leave her alone! She constantly wanted her to hold her!!)

Mady fell fast asleep but JH was a little more difficult. After some twisting and turning, he finally passed out. As did Joey and myself!!

The next morning we said goodbye to Aunt Harriet after a shopping trip at Target and headed to the Rainforest Café in Nashville to eat lunch. The kids loved the restaurant. It is so neat. The elephants and tigers and monkeys all move and make animal noises. It thunders and lightning flashes. They really enjoyed it.



We then headed home which made for another interesting trip. All in all the kids did great. However, Joey and I decided we would definitely drive at night on the way to the beach in two weeks and let the kids sleep!

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