Friday, May 11, 2012

Not much goin on…..

Not much goin on around here lately. Just to fill everyone in, we took the year off from Mother’s Morning Out. The kids and I have just hung out together the whole year. And I must say, it has been GREAT. Of course, there are days when we might get a little bored. But we always find something to do. I have still tried to work with Mady on learning basics like her letters, writing, drawing, numbers, etc. I try to remember she is only 4! But she enjoys learning new things….. for about 10 minutes and then she wants to move on to something else! So, we have definitely enjoyed our time together. Joe Hudson has been so much fun to watch as he is growing up! He is now quite the talker! And such a busy body- he is into everything! I mean everything!

In other news, we are STILL trying to sell our house. I never in my life would have thought this would be such a task, but God has definitely taught me a lot in this time of WAITING.

Joey starts his new job in July so we are eager to sell our house and move on to this new chapter.

Adoption news- We are currently waiting for some direction from God in this area. Some changes and such are occurring and so we are just…. WAITING. Is  this a recurrent theme in our lives? Anywho, we could use some prayers in this area.

Which brings me to my final point! We are currently working with someone to design a tshirt specific to our adoption. I really like the shirt. We’re working on a few changes. It’s very basic and would be great for guy/girl/kid. I’ll let you know about a price when we get it all straightened out. In the mean time, if you’re interested in one let me know. I’m going to take pre orders for about a week. This will really help me get an idea of how many to order. ALL proceeds from the tshirts will go directly to our adoption fund. And just in case you hadn’t heard…. adoptions can range from 20,000 to 30,000. So…. we gonna try to sell us some tshirts to help bring our child home! Plus, who doesn’t love a tshirt?!

Here’s a few pictures from about this time last year for ya to enjoy! Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day!


Oh my how my babies have grown!!!!


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