Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer is here!

I know it’s not officially summer, but around here….we feel like it is! Popsicles, water sprinkler, playing outside all the time, sweating like a crazy person, etc! Plus, kids are getting out of school and in just a few days Joey won’t have to be at work at 7 every morning! How nice it will be for that one extra hour in the mornings before he has to go to work! Until August anyway!

A few pictures of the kiddos from lately….

pic9 Joe Hudson had his eighteen month check up last week. This was my little man at the doctor’s office. All was well. I praise God everyday for their health.

pic3Mother’s Day was wonderful. I’m very thankful and blessed beyond measure. Joey surprised me with a cake. I know it’s sideways but just tilt your head! It says- We love you Mommy.

 pic2Like I said earlier, our days have been filled with popsicles! My kids love them. As much as they eat them, we will be opting for sugarfree next shopping trip.

pic4Joe enjoys helping me water the plants. He loves to walk around with the water hose and getting a little sip of water every now and then.

pic13Big Sister. Mady picked out her outfit this day. I obviously would not match seals with a skirt. But they were both pink as she pointed out!

pic8Walking around the neighborhood has been happening a lot lately. Before it gets too hot! This was Joe giving Sister a little love!

pic10Snack cups! Our newest addition. How did I not know these existed until now? They are wonderful and for the first two days, the kids would not part with them.


picI also mentioned we’ve been outside A LOT lately. I can’t stand being cooped up inside so every chance we get, we head out! M and JH are enjoying a little artwork here!

pic6pic7 Last week, we went to Delta Grind in Water Valley. They showed the kids how they grind the corn and other stuff. Pretty neat. Joe tried to eat it of course. He’s always eating something that’s not edible.

house pictureThis is our house. It is for sale. Spread the word. The End.

Obviously we have really enjoyed the beginning days of summer! We are so excited about moving back to Carrollton; although we will miss our church family and friends here in Oxford. We can hardly wait to get back to the country and raise our kids there. God is teaching us a lot in this time of waiting. Waiting for our house to sell, waiting for things to happen with our adoption, and so on. I know He uses times like these to make us dependent on Him. We just have to remind ourselves of that. Daily.

Lately, it seems like there is so much sickness and heartache with people we know. I lift these people up each day in prayer. Today, I learned of a little boy who passed away from a brain tumor. He and Mady were born just a few days apart. I didn’t know him personally but I would read his blog from time to time and lifted him up in prayer. It’s stories like these that I remember we live in a broken world. There are so many things we may never understand on this side of heaven. But this is what makes heaven all the more desirable. This is not our home. It reminds me of the song “Blessings”. Even though this is not our eternal home, I pray I will serve Him in all I do and say until the day He calls me home or He returns.

On a final note, I mentioned in my last blog post about a tshirt. It’s coming soon! So, please check back and support us on our road to adopting a child.


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