Monday, March 5, 2012

Mady’s 4th Birthday

Friday, March 2nd was Mady’s birthday and she turned the big 4!! Mady and I made this cake for our family to eat Friday night.
2012 2134
On Friday night, we took Mady to pick out an outfit for her birthday party and then headed to eat. We had all intentions of going INTO a restaurant, but with two tired and hungry kids…. we opted for Sonic for the kids and Oby’s take out for us! We stopped and got a movie too. The next day was Mady’s birthday party at Chick Fil A.
2012 2145
Morning of the Party!
Mady had a great time at her party. She loved playing with her friends but wasn’t a huge fan of the “Moo Cow”.
2012 2163   2012 2155  2012 2153
Mady’s cake was super cute! I usually make the kids' cakes with my mom, but we have been so busy lately so Emileigh’s Bakery did it this year. Mady’s only request was a Princess Cake. She, of course, had to have red hair!
2012 2146
She had a great day. Thankful to God for 4 precious years with her! Happy Birthday Mady Moo!!

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