Friday, March 9, 2012

Movin up in Blog World, Adoption Update, I WON!

So, after much dillydallying around my blog, I figured out how to make tabs at the top of my blog. I know, you're probably thinking... that's not that difficult. But for this inexperienced blogger, it was. I'm so proud of myself each time I figure out how to do something new on here! Keep checking back as I might even get wild and figure out how to change my background!
Ok, so anyway...... :)   Someone asked me today how they can keep up with our fundraisers, our adoption, etc. so.... I have made some tabs at the top. So, if you want to know what were up to in fundraising land or in our adoption process, just click on the tabs to keep you updated!
Speaking of adoption process, we had our third home study this past Tuesday and we have our FINAL homestudy visit this Wednesday. Hard to believe! It's gone by so fast and we are so thankful for our sweet social worker. She is so kind and so patient with us as our two kiddos are usually WILD when she comes!
Plesae continue to pray for us on this journey!
Last, but certainly not least.... I WON!!! I actually WON something today. I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!!! But today I did! I entered Lara's giveaway on her blog and I won! Go check out her blog at and shop around. She is trying to raise money for her mission trip!

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