Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I’m still selling items from 147 million orphans. They just got a shipment in of earrings made by Haitian artisans. The earrings are made from broken glass. As always, a purchase from 147 millions orphans supports not only our adoption, but also orphans around the world. If you’re interested in them, let me know. I’m going to place an order today because they go pretty fast. They are $18 and come in 4 different colors.

BEAUTY FROM ASHES Light Brown Earrings Light Brown

BEAUTY FROM ASHES Crystal Clear EarringsClear

BEAUTY FROM ASHES Light Green Earrings Light Green

BEAUTY FROM ASHES Cobalt Blue EarringsCobalt Blue

Email me if you would like a pair. jillcarpenter@hotmail.com

I also still have a few Ugandan beaded necklaces left for sale.

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