Thursday, April 5, 2012

We are now a…….WAITING FAMILY!!!!

Hip Hip Hooray! I was so excited yesterday when I called our agency to ask them a question. She said they had already reviewed and approved our homestudy! I was of course excited about that, but I thought we also had to complete our I600A application and have our biometric fingerprints done (which could take a month or so) before we would be officially approved and waiting for a referral. So when she then told me we were put on the wait strip with the other waiting families, I WAS PUMPED!!! I just knew it would be a month or longer before we would be considered a waiting family so this was surprising and exciting news for us!

So what this means is….. we are now waiting for Holt to match us with a child. Our program is a little different than some because we are with the Waiting Child Program. They will match us with a child according to what needs we stated we were open to in our homestudy. Not sure how long this will take but I’m sure several months. Once we get a referral and we accept the referral, we will have to wait to travel- which could be up to a year. Let’s pray it wont take that long!

Thanks for following us on this journey. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! We are one step closer to bringing our little one home.

Please pray for us. Pray for us to wait patiently. God’s timing is perfect. Pray for us to totally trust him with this adoption process. There are lots of unknowns for us but HE KNOWS EVERYTHING.


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